Pivotal One Launches, Now Every Enterprise Can Develop Like An Internet Giant

Summary of the News
  • Pivotal One, the cohesive set of Pivotal technologies that aims to significantly accelerate how companies build big data apps is now available.
  • Pivotal CF, the leading enterprise distribution of the Cloud Foundry ™ platform, is now available on vSphere. It provides a turnkey PaaS experience for agile development teams to rapidly update and scale applications on a private cloud that can be instantly expanded and upgraded with no downtime.
  • Pivotal One services, including Pivotal HD, Pivotal Analytics, Pivotal RabbitMQ and MySQL Dev, will ease how developers build big data services into their apps, and help usher in the era of big data to the enterprise.
  • Pivotal, along with some customers and partners, will be hosting a webcast at 10 am PST today. Sign up here.

Unleashed to the world just 6 months ago, Pivotal was formed from VMware and EMC with the promise to deliver a new platform for a new era.

Today, we announce a major milestone in that journey—the first release of Pivotal One, a cohesive platform built from Pivotal technologies that aims to significantly accelerate how companies build, deploy, scale and manage data-centric applications in the cloud computing era.

In it, we introduce 2 new offerings, Pivotal CF and Pivotal One services. Together, these components provide the capabilities for any organization to build out the kind of agile development and production IT services that previously were reserved for Internet giants.

Aimed squarely at developer and operations productivity, at the heart of today’s announcement is leading enterprise distribution of the Cloud Foundry called Pivotal CF.  This version, first previewed at VMware’s VMworld in August,  is the first commercially available offering of Cloud Foundry for the enterprise. Demonstrated today running on VMware vSphere, this is another big step for the open source PaaS project that is breaking out of the pack.

The delivery of this first version basically puts a ready-to-run, development-through-production environment at the fingertips of any enterprise. With a few simple commands, cloud operators in enterprises can set up and deploy the kinds of horizontally scalable development environments that were previously only possible with large, internal IT developer services competencies that the Internet giants could afford. Complete with development and production services like horizontal application tier scaling, load balancing, DNS, automated health management, and logging, Pivotal CF speeds up application delivery from months to days and can dynamically scale an application to hundreds of instances in seconds, allowing businesses to innovate with disruptive speed.

Just to make it even more compelling, we are also introducing Pivotal One services, a collection of leading technologies that are ready to run on Pivotal CF. With these services available, not only is Pivotal CF an accelerator for development and operations, but also for binding big data service to your apps. This means that developers can now use Hadoop as a service natively within their applications. Just spin up our Pivotal HD Service (Pivotal’s distribution of Hadoop) and it is ready for application binding.

Also including next-gen analytics with Pivotal AX, message brokering using Pivotal RabbitMQ and a MySQL service that provisions multi-tenant, single instances of MySQL, the new data services are a major advancement for developers, and PaaS in general. Widely cited as the biggest trend in IT today, the reality is big data is just too hard for most organizations to really embrace.

Last week, we saw Bain & Co cite that just 4% of enterprises are actually getting value from big data today. Yet the sector is predicted to grow like wildfire over the next couple years, in part because solutions like Pivotal One are emerging that are battle-ready and on-demand. Previously, setting up Hadoop servers, even for the most practiced administrators, takes anywhere from hours to weeks. By selecting the Pivotal HD Service with Pivotal CF, it is now on-demand and can virtually bypass IT.

So for organizations looking to innovate with big data quick, using a PaaS solution like the Pivotal One platform offers a self-service accelerator to that end. Now instead of investing in a department of skills to build out big data solutions, there is a big data platform you can trust available and ready at any time, for any project.

This is a major milestone for where we see data-centric application development heading. In the same way that our Spring Framework made java development more productive and mainstream, I expect these kinds of built-in developer, data and operations services to do the same for big data apps running in the cloud. So, stay tuned, world. This is about to get really interesting.


  • Pivotal One, the cohesive set of Pivotal technologies that aims to significantly accelerate how companies data-centric apps is now available.
  • Pivotal CF, the leading enterprise edition of Cloud Foundry, is available for vSphere workloads.
  • Pivotal One services, including Hadoop, analytics, message broker and MySQL services, will ease how developers build big data services into their apps, and help usher in the era of agile app development to the enterprise.

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