Cloud Foundry and the Design of the Philips Digital Health Platform

featured-philips-digihealth The name Philips is often associated with the company's consumer and lighting products, but the its healthcare offerings are increasingly important to Philips' future. During his keynote at the Cloud Foundry Summit 2014, Francois Andry, Software Architect for the Philips Digital Health Platform, detailed the challenges and opportunities inherent in building a platform that unites Philips’ connected products and addresses the limitations of the company’s legacy systems.

Everything as a Service: How Cloud Foundry is Fueling Innovation at CoreLogic

featured-CFS-CoreLogic In collaboration with Pivotal, CoreLogic is building a next-generation platform on Cloud Foundry for its data-driven apps and services. During a talk at the Cloud Foundry Summit 2014, Richard Leurig, Senior Vice President of CoreLogic’s Innovation Development Center, detailed how the company os moving beyond a complex legacy infrastructure in favor of one that enables agile development of new products that share a common component system.

Monsanto Sees 50% App Dev Lifecycle Improvement with Cloud Foundry

featured-monsanto-cloud As shared at the recent Cloud Foundry Summit, Monsanto sees huge benefits with Cloud Foundry. From increased efficiency and productivity to less finger pointing between developers and operations, Infrastructure Architect, Mark Seidenstricker, shares the insights and learnings from their journey with Cloud Foundry, lists many benefits, discusses cultural and change management shifts in IT, and outlines their future plans. Ultimately, he sees how management will progress on a widespread investment in their cloud once the organization knows how to deliver the benefits of a 50% productivity improvement in the software development lifecycle.

CF Summit Video: Diego Reimagines the Cloud Foundry Elastic Runtime

featured-CFSummit-Diego During a talk this month at the Cloud Foundry Summit 2014, Pivotal’s Engineering Manager Onsi Fakhouri unveiled Diego, a ground-up rewrite of a major component of the Cloud Foundry Elastic Runtime. The Cloud Foundry Elastic Runtime is an environment for running and managing web applications written in most modern frameworks or languages. During his talk, Fakhouri explained the motivating factors behind this major rewrite of a core Cloud Foundry component, and the philosophy driving the development of that rewrite, which the team has dubbed Diego.

CF Summit Video: SAP Shares Microservices Architecture—Hybris on Cloud Foundry

featured-CFSummit-SAP Earlier this month at CF Summit, SAP's René Welches delivered a presentation, Commerce as a Service (CaaS) with Cloud Foundry, Welches started with a strong air of gratitude, “I was about to change the title to Commerce as a Micro-service (CaaMS) because we are using a lot of the micro-services concepts. I was really happy after the talk yesterday on micro-services because it really confirmed what we are planning to do.” He then went on to explain how they were in the process of developing against this architecture, how the architecture came about, how it works, what use cases drive it, and what open source projects are used that is summarized in this post and can be viewed in the attached video.

Field Report: The 3 Reasons Why the #CFSummit Rocked

featured-CFlogo-CFsummit The first Cloud Foundry Summit fueled by the support of the Cloud Foundry Foundation wrapped Wednesday—and what a difference the power of the ecosystem made! With the ecosystem of Cloud Foundry partners, users and the Foundation members leading the conversation, the vibe at the event was more of a industry event, rather than a single company user conference, as it should be. The predominant themes were open source and the larger participation in Cloud Foundry governance by 34 companies has sealed Cloud Foundry as the industry favorite for PaaS. 14 companies backed this up with real life use cases explained to large audiences. And developers got to sink their teeth into a powerful new approach to development: Microservices Architecture. Also included in this post are key highlights from over 5,000 tweets during the event, key media quotes, and recommended reading for blogs and news articles.

Computing’s 3rd Era Pivots Into High Gear This Week At Cloud Foundry Summit

featured-CFlogo-CFsummit In an hour, the Cloud Foundry Summit will begin in San Francisco's Hilton. The opening keynotes by Pivotal's CEO Paul Maritz will mark an important transition in computing, one where the powerful set of companies that are members of the Cloud Foundry Foundation will debut their efforts, and prove to attendees the power of the 3rd Platform, and underscore why the 2nd platform market, often referred to as the client-server market, has receded so sharply in recent months that the only industry sector growing more slowly is the tobacco industry. This week is set to show the world just how strongly these companies are involved in backing the Cloud Foundry project, showcasing not only their investments, but their experience, success and plans for the future. With a combined market cap for just the platinum and gold members backing Cloud Foundry reaching $1.2 trillion, as the Foundation members further align this week, it can't help to be a big boon for computing's 3rd era.

RedisLabs Now Available in Pivotal Web Services Marketplace

Redis Labs Logo Itamar Haber, Chief Developers Advocate at Redis Labs, pens a guest post highlighting how Redis Cloud is now a fully-managed cloud service for hosting and running Redis datasets that can be added to your apps running on Pivotal Web Service directly from the Services Marketplace. The service arms developers with a highly-available, scalable and performant database-as-a-service that is ideally suited to scalable web and mobile app. Haber then walks through the process of enabling this service on Pivotal Web Services.

Remote Triggers for Applications on Cloud Foundry

featured-CF-logo-partA For developers and administrators interested in diving deep into their application running on Cloud Foundry Platform to identify performance bottlenecks or other problems, it's now possible to remotely trigger and capture diagnostic data by using simple shell scripts on application and client side. Developed during a Cloud Foundry Hackathon Day, Pivotal developer Sabha Parameswaran used a set of shell scripts and the CF CLI interface to trigger the data collection (like thread dumps or system metrics) across all instances of an application running on Cloud Foundry. There are two actors handling the orchestration of the remote trigger actions: one on the client side and the other on the application container (agent) side as explained in the following post. Scripts are included for open reuse.

What the Cloud Foundry Foundation’s New Silver Lining Says About Open Platforms

featured-cloud-burst Less than a month after new Gold Members signed on, Pivotal announced earlier today that several new friends, largely from the tech sector, committed to joining to the Cloud Foundry Foundation and community as Silver Members, when the non-profit Foundation launches this fall. The new members round out a total of more than 30 companies across industries to evolve the leading open source Cloud Foundry platform. With 16 more added today alone, this underscores the growing sentiment within the enterprise that open source means quality software, and that new, scalable software architectures, fueled by innovations like Hadoop, are fundamentally helping run businesses.