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Stacey Schneider

Stacey Schneider is the managing editor for the GoPivotal blog. She has over 18 years of working with technology, with a focus on working with large scale customer facing systems as well as internationalization. Schneider has held roles in services, engineering, products and marketing across both enterprise software and open source companies. For the past several years, she has been working for VMware and now Pivotal to help evangelize how companies build applications in the cloud faster, with bigger data and nearly unlimited scale. Prior to VMware, Schneider ran marketing for open source Hyperic (now owned by VMware). She also held various positions at CRM software pioneer Siebel Systems, including Group Director of Technology Product Marketing, a role for which her contributions awarded her a patent. Follow her on Twitter @sparkystacey.

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Today, Pivotal is changing the economics of Big Data forever with the launch of the Big Data Suite. Aimed squarely at defining the economics through a customer lens, delivering flexible big data computing to drive rapid adoption in the enterprise, the new offering is an annual subscription based software, support, and maintenance package that bundles Pivotal Greenplum Database, Pivotal GemFire, Pivotal SQLFire, Pivotal GemFire XD, and Pivotal HAWQ, into a flexible pool of big and fast data products. It is subscription based, and priced per core—and interestingly, is delivered with unlimited use of supported Pivotal HD, Pivotal’s commercial distribution of Hadoop. Aggressively priced, the new Big Data Suite provides simple usage based subscription terms with the variety of proven data services that enterprises need to be sure they can take full advantage of all their data needs, present and in the future.

Paul Maritz at Giga OM Structure Data Conference

Pivotal’s CEO Paul Maritz sat down with GigaOM’s Om Malik today at the Structure Data Conference in New York, starting off the session picking up on a new trend that he is seeing in the market today, “For the first time you are seeing old line industries from the industrial space to agriculture to medicine, saying we need to build a whole new capability, and we are not going to try and do that on top of our legacy. We are going to build a new platform, and the legacy has to cleave to that, not the other way around.” Maritz is not just talking about Big Data, the subject of the conference today. In fact, he calls Big Data technology Hadoop out as a catalyst to the market, citing that the bigger trend is in software is building on some of the tenets of Hadoop to take lots of cheap machines and cheap storage, and reinvent how businesses are building applications.


This post covers one of Pivotal’s open source resources—the Pivotal Open Source Hub. This site pulls together all of the Pivotal open source events in one place, covering RabbitMQ, Redis, Cloud Foundry, Spring, Grails, Groovy & Hadoop. Most of the talks are run by Pivotal employees who created, lead or are contributors to these projects. These meetups are a great way for our engineers to stay connected to the communities they support and to help improve adoption and benefits of these software solutions. Upcoming events include talks on Hadoop and Spring Data in San Francisco, Palo Alto and NYC. See the full post for details on how to follow us and sign up for these events.


This week, DZone published their 2014 Cloud Platform Report which reveals that Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) has increased adoption over Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS). This proves an inflection point and signals toward the pent up demand for a developer’s renaissance—where application advances will flourish and innovation will snowball. This post answers two questions, “Why PaaS?” and “Why Now?” with some interesting insights on market forces and advancements that are powering this surge in adoption and productivity.

Telco Profit

Big data solutions and services are the big green field opportunities for many industries. Hindered by privacy concerns for subscribers, fear of hugely expensive special purpose hardware expenses, and complicated system integration, Telcos by and large have been timid to tackle the opportunities of big data. This week, that is changing. Vodafone is showing mobile carriers how they built a functioning, useful app in just 3 weeks, solving privacy concerns and using ready-to-run commodity hardware and software in the process. This type of solution is set to garner them massive revenue streams, address customer satisfaction and retention issues, while maybe even lowering your phone bill at the same time.


Gong Xi Fa Cai! This is the greeting heard by half the world today, as we welcome in the Chinese New Year. In the 40 days that surround this Spring Festival, 3.6 billion people, or roughly half the world, stops to celebrate new life and rest before the new season of ploughing and sowing begins. In today’s digitally driven world, this is a major event impacting transportation, communication and commerce. In this post, we share the background and an 18 minute webinar from IISI’s CTO, Dr. YC Liu, and Pivotal’s Chief Architect of GemFire, Jags Ramnarayan, discussing the technology transformation on China’s Railroad reservation system and how it is opening the doors for China’s railways to scale for the future of 5 billion passengers.


The largest single migration of humans occurs around the Chinese New Year when the world’s largest population book flights and trains or travels by car to get to friends and family for the holiday. This caused a huge spike in demand at the China Railway Corporation’s online ticketing system—and has created many performance issues. The team responsible for fixing these problems chose Pivotal GemFire to achieve the reliability and scale needed from their data tier.

Hugh E Williams

Today, Pivotal is proud to announce that Microsoft and eBay veteran Hugh E. Williams is joining Pivotal as Senior Vice President of our Research & Development team. Obviously, anytime a company hires a new executive, this is big news for the company. In this case, however, this is big news for the software development industry as a whole as Hugh sets out to lead our Pivotal One initiative during a breakout year, lending his experience and leadership to helping companies worldwide have access to the consumer-grade tooling that will help them develop like internet giants.

2014 Pivotal Predictions

2014 is set to be a perfect storm that will flatten out the unnatural boundaries between data, devices and development. By the end of this year, developers will evolve to become the ‘one-stop’ shop to fluently translate business needs to the web. At the same time, the productivity gains realized by tooling advances will allow the developer to enmesh themselves further in strategic business decisions, increasing the importance of their role in the success of every modern business. In this post, we cover 6 areas that are going to be bold changes for the developer—from PaaS becoming mainstream to Java’s resurgence and the drone economy.


Pivotal is proud to announce a new addition to our Hadoop leadership team, Apache Bigtop founder Roman Shaposhnik. A self-described “Sun guy” steeped in Linux and open source culture, Roman is best known in the industry for his later work on the Apache Hadoop project at both Yahoo! and Cloudera, where he notably started the Bigtop integration, packaging and validation project. In this Q&A, Roman gives us how Apache Bigtop came to be and his perspective on Pivotal’s DNA, vision, and ambition—the things that brought him on board.

Stacey Schneider