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Adam Bloom has worked for 15+ years in the tech industry and has been a key contributor to the Pivotal and vFabric Blog for 2+ Years. He first started working on "cloud-based apps" in 1998 when he led the development and launch of WebMD 1.0’s B2C and B2B apps. He then spent several years in product marketing for a J2EE-based PaaS/SaaS start-up. Afterwards, he worked for Siebel as a consultant on large CRM engagements, launched their online community, and ran marketing operations. At Oracle, he led the worldwide implementation of Siebel CRM before spending some time at a Youtube competitor in Silicon Valley and working as a product marketer for Unica's SaaS-based marketing automation suite. "Back in the day," he graduated from Georgia Tech with high honors and an undergraduate thesis in human computer interaction. Beyond technology, he loves music, art, design, cooking, outdoors, a decent silver tequila, and his wife, daughter, dog, and cat.

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Ippon Hosting CTO, Ghislain Seguy, recently shared a profound point about Cloud Foundry, “What used to takes 2 weeks now takes 2 minutes on PaaS. In addition, Cloud Foundry is the leading choice for open source PaaS from my perspective. Before, our development environments often took 2 weeks to set up, and an integration or test environment would take more. Now, our development environments take 2 minutes, and my infrastructure team is freed up to work on more strategic efforts.” This week at Devoxx in Paris, France the Ippon team will unveil their new developer PaaS offering and share their story of trying out open source Cloud Foundry and building out a new PaaS service using Pivotal CF in just a few weeks.

Jim Nuzzo, Enterprise Architect, EMC

How did EMC reduce costs and increase productivity with Spring? This article is part two of our Q&A session with EMC Enterprise Architect, Jim Nuzzo. The article provides several real-world examples of how Spring began to drive lower costs and increase productivity at EMC. From both an executive and developer standpoint, Nuzzo also explains why and how Spring accomplishes these results. Lastly, he explains the approach and outcomes of a large enterprise integration project based on Spring.


Digital information worldwide represents 10% of the world’s energy consumption, and the costs are only increasing as our dependence and usage of data is accelerating. Fjord IT, a solutions provider in Europe that is dedicated to green computing, has found that in addition to green energy practices, PaaS is a key ingredient toward a greener future. Their work with a large media company using Pivotal CF, powered by Cloud Foundry, helps reduce energy costs with a more consolidated data center, and also has the potential to improve operational efficiency by up to 90% and reduce development time by up to 47%.

Jim Nuzzo, Enterprise Architect, EMC

How did EMC achieve 10x more concurrent users and improved queries 200x? EMC Enterprise Architect and Cloud Platform Manager, Jim Nuzzo, shares how in this recent two-part question and answer session with us. In this article, part one, Mr. Nuzzo explains how EMC IT has deployed Pivotal GemFire on and Pivotal SQLFire on the EMC Support website. For each Pivotal product, Mr. Nuzzo covers the challenges, solution, and results. In part two, we cover EMC’s use of Spring technologies.


As the big data and cloud eras merge and bring massive advantages, it also breaks the link between applications and their locations. For example, scaling components across clouds can force applications to integrate across WANs. With RabbitMQ’s federation capabilities, we can provide a cloud bus and address these distributed system problems. In this post, we provide a problem scenario as an example, summarize the solution given in a recent developer talk given by Pivotal’s Alvaro Videla, and list a series of use cases where RabbitMQ is commonly used to solve similar problems.


PaaS is a key ingredient to help businesses operate and compete more like the internet giants and innovators who have created new value across virtually every industry. In this post, we provide a Pivotal point of view (POV) on why PaaS is a priority for business and technology leaders. Then, we round-up 10 key pieces of PaaS-related research to help support PaaS-related teams and projects. These survey-based statistics help to facilitate discussions, plans, or presentations and include line of business viewpoints on the value of PaaS.


Reduce resources and costs by almost a third. Increase performance from 3-20x. This is the net result of the Pivotal GemFire implementation at SBI Securities. In this case study, we provide an overview of how NRI Financial Solutions and Hitachi Financial Information Systems partnered to evaluate and deploy GemFire and provide a better solution than Oracle.


SAS Institute uses Pivotal tc Server as a standard app server to help reduce the costs associated with developing for 7 operating systems and 3 different application servers. This benefits SAS development, test, documentation, and support teams, and it also provides benefits to SAS customers. They lower the time and money spent on procurement, install, configuration, and operations.


Srinivas Ajjarapu has 20+ years of experience in enterprise software and manages an engineering team at HCL Technologies, a $6 billion dollar IT company with 90,000 employees. In this Q&A session, he shares where HCL has achieved client business results with Pivotal products, how HCL has helped companies save 60-70% on IT costs, and why they recommend Spring technologies.


Strata is all about the future of big data and data science—exactly the same reasons we formed Pivotal to solve. So it makes sense that this year, Pivotal is an Elite sponsor. While it may be our first time here as a stand-alone company, many Pivots have been here before as part of VMware or EMC. This year will be decidedly different for us though. Since the last Strata conference, we have been very, very busy spinning out, innovating and solving big data and data science challenges around the globe. For a taste of what we’ve been up to, check out the full post. For the full low down, come see us at Strata!

Adam Bloom