Pivotal RabbitMQ 3.3.0 Released


Pivotal RabbitMQ 3.3.0 is the latest commercial release of the popular, open source RabbitMQ message broker. RabbitMQ 3.3.0 is a significant feature release of the product and for the first time bundles the Pivotal RabbitMQ JMS Client 1.2.0 and broker support for JMS, further easing how java developers connect and scale their JMS applications.

The new 3.3.0 release contains many new features and enhancements, as well as bug fixes, that improve performance, observability and ease of use across multiple dimensions of the product.

Cloud Foundry Expands Java Support with New Oracle WebLogic Buildpack


Oracle WebLogic Server applications can now be deployed to Cloud Foundry by downloading the new WebLogic Buildpack from Github. Until now, users running Java applications requiring an application server typically relied on Apache Tomcat as the default container in the Cloud Foundry Java Buildpack. Tomcat is a great light-weight option for many Java web applications supporting the Servlet specification, but there are also many applications that use some Java EE features like EAR packaging, JMS, Data Sources, and other application server specific features that are not deployable on Tomcat. This WebLogic buildpack along with the recently announced JBoss buildpack, now enables new types of Java applications to run natively on Cloud Foundry.

This post includes a short 3 minute video of the buildpack. There is also a 20 minute video that goes into the details of the buildpack.

Big Data & Brews Video Explains How Pivotal’s Hadoop Distribution Is Different


In a video interview for the Big Data & Brews series, Pivotal’s Chief Scientist Milind Bhandarkar shares a beer with Datameer’s CEO Stefan Groschupf and provides an overview of the many features that differentiate Pivotal’s Hadoop distribution from the rest, including an overview of HAWQ, GemFire XD, and Spring XD. He also speaks of the future possibilities of including GraphLab, Open MPI and Apache Spark.

Partner 101: How To Do Business With Cloud Foundry


In this first of a two part blog, Pivotal’s partner manager Nima Badiey provides an overview answering key questions interested partners may have when investigating possibilities with Cloud Foundry and its ecosystem of commercial and open source offerings. He walks through how Cloud Foundry provides a platform for ISVs, solution providers and application services to integrate with the CF PaaS, how partners can participate in the Cloud Foundry ecosystem, and how to work with Pivotal on our enterprise distribution of Cloud Foundry, called Pivotal CF.

PaaS Judo: With Cloud Foundry Ippon Deploys in 2 Minutes Versus 2 Weeks


Ippon Hosting CTO, Ghislain Seguy, recently shared a profound point about Cloud Foundry, “What used to takes 2 weeks now takes 2 minutes on PaaS. In addition, Cloud Foundry is the leading choice for open source PaaS from my perspective. Before, our development environments often took 2 weeks to set up, and an integration or test environment would take more. Now, our development environments take 2 minutes, and my infrastructure team is freed up to work on more strategic efforts.” This week at Devoxx in Paris, France the Ippon team will unveil their new developer PaaS offering and share their story of trying out open source Cloud Foundry and building out a new PaaS service using Pivotal CF in just a few weeks.

Pivotal Debuts at ApacheCon North America 2014: Thanks For Having Us!


Pivotal’s Roman Shaposhnik reviews ApacheCon 14, which took place last week in Denver. At Pivotal’s self-described “coming out party” to the Apache Software Foundation, we worked to make an impressions by starting off with a keynote, providing and attending various sessions and even hosting a cocktail party. The amount of positive feedback and press coverage proved once again that being transparent and forthcoming is the key to winning trust in open source communities. In this review of the event, Shaposhnik also points community members to some of the newer technologies he believes are hot to watch and use right now.

Time Series Analysis Part 3: Resampling and Interpolation


The previous blog posts in this series introduced how Window Functions can be used for many types of ordered data analysis. Time series data can be found in many real world applications, including clickstream processing, financial analysis, and sensor data. This post further elaborates how these techniques can be expanded to handle time series resampling and interpolation.

The Industry and Press Responds to Pivotal’s Bold Big Data Suite Move


Pivotal’s bold move last week to offer its Big Data Suite as a subscription service received plenty of attention from major industry players and the press. The Pivotal Big Data Suite enables enterprises to realize the business data lake by charging not for storage but analysis, by processing core.

EMC Q&A Part 2: How Spring and tc Server Reduce Costs and Improve Productivity

Jim Nuzzo, Enterprise Architect, EMC

How did EMC reduce costs and increase productivity with Spring? This article is part two of our Q&A session with EMC Enterprise Architect, Jim Nuzzo. The article provides several real-world examples of how Spring began to drive lower costs and increase productivity at EMC. From both an executive and developer standpoint, Nuzzo also explains why and how Spring accomplishes these results. Lastly, he explains the approach and outcomes of a large enterprise integration project based on Spring.

Pivotal’s New Big Data Suite Redefines the Economics of Big Data Including UNLIMITED Hadoop to Enterprises


Today, Pivotal is changing the economics of Big Data forever with the launch of the Big Data Suite. Aimed squarely at defining the economics through a customer lens, delivering flexible big data computing to drive rapid adoption in the enterprise, the new offering is an annual subscription based software, support, and maintenance package that bundles Pivotal Greenplum Database, Pivotal GemFire, Pivotal SQLFire, Pivotal GemFire XD, and Pivotal HAWQ, into a flexible pool of big and fast data products. It is subscription based, and priced per core—and interestingly, is delivered with unlimited use of supported Pivotal HD, Pivotal’s commercial distribution of Hadoop. Aggressively priced, the new Big Data Suite provides simple usage based subscription terms with the variety of proven data services that enterprises need to be sure they can take full advantage of all their data needs, present and in the future.